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Nearpod, an app or website based digital platform, allows teachers to make slides that are based on the available learning resources for students. The primary objective of this tool is to make learning easier and engaging for students. As a new student, you could face issues while joining a Nearpod session. Learn here the methods to join a Nearpod session:

Use a produced code

Step 1: Browse the website page Otherwise, open the Nearpod application on your Android smartphone or iPhone. 

Step 1: Enter a five letter code that you receive from your teacher. 

Step 1: Tap on the Join option/tab. 

Step 1: Click on one of the options displayed on your device screen. Prefer the option with your name. Otherwise, you can select Join as a Guest. 

Click the received link or access an LMS (learning management system

Step 1: Click on the link you receive to get into the lesson if you are joining from an LMS, such as Google Classroom, Canvas, Teams, or Schoology.  

FAQs on Nearpod

Q. What is Nearpod?

A. Nearpod is a digital platform, which allows you to access more than 20 dynamic media features and formative assessments. Teachers use this platform to build interactive lessons and activities to make learning engaging for their students. This platform contains a wide collection of more than 22 000 premade lessons. 

Q. Is Nearpod paid or Free?

A. Nearpod Silver is available at free of cost. Without paying a single penny, you can access all basic features. You need to have a Premium Plus membership plan if you want to access the full potential of this digital platform. 

Q. How can I use Nearpod as a student?

A. As a student, you do not need to have a Nearpod account. Your teacher will produce a five letter code to join a learning session. Or your teacher can share the lesson via a LMS (learning management system. 

Q. Can I use a Nearpod lesson to assign homework or independent work to my student?

A. Yes, you can. This digital platform is good for assigning homework or independent student work. For launching a lesson or assigning homework, you need to go through in Student-Paced mode. After that, you have to share the code with your students. 

Q. How many students can join a Nearpod lesson?

A. Silver accounts allow you to make up to 40 students join a lesson. On the other hand, Nearpod Premium Plus membership plan allows to invite around 250 students for a lesson/session.  

Q. How can I know my Nearpod account type?

A. To check your Nearpod account type, you should log into your account and tap on the avatar, which is usually on the top right corner. Under your information, you will see your account type. 

Q. Can I use Nearpod for a video conference with my students?

A. Yes, you can do it if you are facilitating a live instruction with a video conferencing tool. This tool will assist you to know real-time insights for your student learning and engagement for a lesson.

Q. Can I apply a single sign-on for Nearpod?

A. Yes, you can. As per your wish, you can use Office 365, Google, or ClassLink SSO to log into your Nearpod account. 

Q. Can I integrate Nearpod with my LMS, such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Microsoft Teams, or Canvas?

A. Yes, you can sync this digital tool with your LMS. 

Q. Are there any conflicts between Nearpod and school/district privacy policies? 

A. Nearpod Privacy Policy is compliant with each school, district or state policy. This digital platform follows the rules & regulations of a local administration seriously. 

Q. Whom or where should I contact for my queries on Nearpod?

A. You can join the Nearpod Educator group on Facebook, visit the supporting URL –, or email the admin at [email protected]